Pressed Reds are original imperial bricks. Found all over England and produced at various brickworks up and down the Country. They are still very much in demand.

A very hard dense brick, smooth faced and with a shallow frog. A class B semi-engineering brick often used for face work. The dry press method in which they are made creates a sharper-edged brick. They were often used with Soft Reds due to the likeness of colour. Colours vary from orange/red to dark red.

Reclaimed Pressed Reds are sought after for decorative, conservation and restoration use and for additions where the new build will mirror the original, also an excellent choice for paving.

Our Pressed Reds are professionally hand sorted, cleaned and graded by our own team, then consistently packed from outside in on pallets ready for re-use.

Pressed Reds are imperial in size.

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