London Yellow Stocks are original imperial bricks, they were predominately used within the London area and are also found in the South East. They were mass produced in the early 1900's, at Smeed Dean Brickworks, Kent. The fields around London were built up with new housing during this period using London Yellow stocks. They are still very much in demand.

London Yellow Stocks sometimes have a tinge of black fleck that is ash in the clay turning black when fired. Colours do vary slightly from a dark tanner shade to a bright canary yellow.

Reclaimed London Yellow stock bricks are sought after for decorative conservation, restoration use and for additions where the new build will mirror the original.

Our London Yellow Stocks are professionally hand sorted, cleaned and graded by our own team, then consistently packed from outside in on pallets ready for re-use.

London Yellow Stocks are Imperial in size.

Split Pack/100
per 1000